New Halloween Songs and Videos!

Halloween is a lot of fun for young learners of English (ESL, EFL). It is a time when we can get beyond the regular topics into something a bit more…spooky!

Below are two new Halloween songs for your classes. Lyrics are also in the YouTube video information.

Zombie Says Clap Your Hands is a simple do after me action song! Listen to what the Zombie says and do the action!

Jack-O-Lantern Face is a fun feelings song with a Halloween twist! Make a happy face, silly face, and more fun faces in this exciting song for children learning English.


Hello Halloween Songs for Kids- New Album in 2021!

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More Halloween resources for your classes click here!

Teacher Training Course

I am excited to announce my new teacher training course on!


Learn how I plan and teach my lessons to young English learners (ESL, EFL) in this 1 hour video course!

Topics Covered:

Part 1: Warm-Ups
Part 2: Action Warm-Up Song Time
Part 3: Numbers
Part 4: Basic Questions
Part 5: Book Reading Time
Part 6: Today’s Topic
Part 7: Game Time
Part 8: ABC Practice Time
Part 9: Choosing Topics
Part 10: Goodbye Song

Learn more about the course and watch the Intro video by clicking here!

Special introductory price of USD $19.99 if you enroll now!

Happy Teaching!


New Dinosaur Action Song for Children

New Dinosaur Action Song and Video! Run away from the dinosaurs, stomp your feet, chomp, and learn how to spell DINOSAUR. Full lyrics below video:


Run, run away, run, run away

Dinosaurs have big feet to stomp, stomp, stomp
Dinosaurs have big teeth to chomp, chomp, chomp

If you see a dinosaur… If you see a dinosaur…
Run, run away, run, run away

Dinosaurs have big tails to swish, swish, swish
Dinosaurs have big mouths to roar, roar, roar

If you see a dinosaur… If you see a dinosaur…
Run, run away, run, run away

D, I, N, O, S, A, U, R D, I, N, O, S, A, U, R
dinosaur, dinosaur!
Run, run away, run, run away

New My Name Is Song For Children to Practice English

Teaching young English learners (ESL, EFL) how to say “My name is…” can be a challenge. This video uses modeling and repetition to help your students:

I wrote in an earlier blog post about using modeling to help young English learners  how to say “My name is …” in English. Check out that post here. 

I hope this song helps your students on their way to basic conversation skills in English!

Visit the Free Downloads page to download many free songs for your classroom. Click here!

New Feelings Song Video: I’m Happy! Song for Children’s English Class

Feelings vocabulary is important in the young learners classroom (ESL, EFL). This simple feelings song teaches 8 emotions. More below the video:


Sometimes I’m happy, happy
sad, sad
sleepy, sleepy
angry, angry
Sometimes I’m hot, hot
cold, cold,
hungry, hungry,
thirsty, thirsty
But now I’m happy, happy…

Give the song a try and practice the question and answer:

Student 1: How are you feeling?

Student 2: I’m happy!

New Podcast: How to Teach New Songs and Engage Your Young Learners

In this episode I talk about my method for introducing new songs in your children’s English class. This is an excerpt from my Instagram live talk with @teachermiriam_ follow her on Instagram for great teacher tips!

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Thanks for listening and happy teaching! -Matt

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New Podcast: Lesson Plan Archive # 2 And Book Announcement!

Hi! In this podcast I talk about my lesson with young learners ages 3-4. It was a 20 minute class and we sang a few songs and covered basics like body parts, numbers, and ABCs. Also available on Apple Podcasts!

My new book is available on the Kindle at! Search for “10 Steps to Teach English to Young Learners” on

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