New Sight Words Song – Learn 10 High Frequency Words

I use sight words, along with phonics, to teach my students how to read in English (ESL, EFL) .  Sight Words are commonly used words that young learners are encouraged to memorize by sight.  More below the video!

Sight Words Song Series

I started using sight words a few years ago when I wanted to give my students a boost in their reading skills. Phonics are great, but it can take a long time to get students to begin reading. Encouraging students to memorize words that occur often in text help them read faster, and gain confidence in reading.

I chose the words for my song series from the “Top 150 Sight Words” list, with some modifications based on my experience teaching English to young learners.  The basic idea is like the lyrics to the song, “Listen. Read. Remember.”

How to teach

Show the students the video, and then on the second or third try ask them to read the words with me. You can also write the words on the board and pre-teach them before watching the video. The list of the words for this video is: the, I, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it.

Game Idea

You can play a simple touch game with the words. Write each word on a separate sheet of paper. Put all of the words on a table and have a group of 2-4 students sit around the table. Call out one of the words, for example “the.” The student who touches the word first wins the round.

These are just some ideas to get you started with sight words. Stay tuned for the remaining videos of the series on the Dream English Kids Youtube Channel!


A to Z Letters Song Album now on Spotify and iTunes

The A to Z Letter Songs Album is now on Spotify and iTunes! 26 Songs, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each song introduces one letter and three words that begin with that letter. For example, “A, apple, ant, alligator.” Great for the ESL and EFL classroom!


Song Videos on YouTube

Above you will find the YouTube Playlist with the 19 Today’s Letter Song videos that are now on YouTube. We are currently through letter S. The remaining videos will be uploaded in coming months.

How to Teach

Teachers can use the videos to teach the vocabulary in the song, or simply an alphabet chart and some pictures on the board for the vocabulary.  First, teach the vocabulary slowly, and then try to have the students sing along with the song. Be sure to do the actions in the songs, clap, shake, and dance!


After singing the song, have the students sit down and write the letter on a piece of paper. Next, ask the students to draw something that starts with the letter. For example, if you are starting with letter A, ask the students to write letter A and then draw an apple. For younger students, you may need to help and draw an apple first on the board so that they can follow along.

These are just some ideas, be creative and come up with your own!

Happy teaching!

New Action Song: “My Feet Are For Walking”

My Feet Are For Walking Action Song

This is a fun and simple song for your children’s English class (ESL, EFL). Your students will love the fun and silly actions. Have a look at the video before reading the below teaching tips.


My feet are for walking (x2)
Walking fast, walking slow
My mouth is for talking (x2)
talking fast, talking slow
My legs are for jumping (x2)
jumping fast, jumping slow
My arms are for swimming (x2)
swimming fast, swimming slow

Teaching Tips:

Start out by teaching the lyrics to the song. Teach them slowly, and have the students repeat after you. If you are not sure about pronunciation, have the students repeat after me as I say the lyrics at the beginning of the video.

I recommend teaching the actions and lyrics at the same time. This helps the students remember. Practice the walking fast, and slow part. This will be really fun for the students, and get them ready to sing. Finally, give the song a try! If you teach your students weekly, try to sing this song at the beginning of class every week for a month! By the end of the month, I’m sure the students will be singing very well. Encourage the students to sing in a loud voice.

Game idea:

Start a phrase of the lyrics and the students have to finish. For example:
Teacher: My feet are for….
Students: walking!
Next, ask a student to come to the front of the class to start the phrase.

Get the song:
“My Feet are for Walking” is available on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify

YouTube Video link: Click here!
Download this song:
Spotify: Click here!
iTunes: Click here!

Happy teaching!!