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Free Halloween Mp3 Songs, Chants and More!

Halloween is a great time of year to have a lot of fun with your students, and teach them about a fun holiday. Halloween is most popular in the USA, but is celebrated to different degrees around the world. On this page you will find free download Halloween Chants, Songs, and links to free worksheets, coloring, listening exercises and more!

Click on a Song title below to be directed to the page with the Free Mp3 Song or Chant, Free Printables, and more!

My Favorite Pumpkin Free Song and Book!


Free Song For Young Kids:

Walk Like a Ghost

Free song for older kids:

What Are You For Halloween?


Halloween Chant 1: Simple Halloween Chant that matches the MES-English Free Flash Card Set!

Halloween Chant 2: This is a bat a very Scary Bat!

Fun counting and action song for all ages! Simple action song using the target language, " walk like a ghost, hop like a cat" and more! Fun song that uses the target language: What are you for halloween? I'm a ghost! Vocabulary chant that uses the language: ghost, witch, spider web, candy, jack-o-lantern and more!

Dream English Halloween Songs on Spotify:

Hello Halloween Songs for Kids- New Album in 2021!

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1. Halloween Songs Mini Album
2. New Songs: Halloween Shake, Halloween Shapes, Halloween Let's Go

Visit the 2017 New Halloween Songs and Videos Page
HERE! Download 3 Free New Songs!

New Halloween Song and Video: What Do You See? Halloween: Download the Free Song click here!

More Free Halloween Song Downloads!

New in 2018: Are You Scared? Halloween Song for Kids

Let's Go Trick or Treating Halloween Characters Song! Click here!
Young Learners: Halloween Numbers Song! Click here!
Elementary Students: I Love Halloween! Click here!

Free Ready to Print Halloween Worksheets: Click on the worksheet name to download the pdf

Worksheet 1: Trace the Halloween Words and Match to the correct candy picture!
Worksheet 2: Count how many pumpkins and Match them to the correct number!
Worksheet 3: Count how many apples, candy corn and more!
Worksheet 4: My Favorite Pumkin- Make Your own- see above for the My Favorite Pumpkin Song!

Click here to visit my DreamEnglishKids Youtube channel with over 300 fun videos for kids!

New Video in 2018! Halloween Are You Scared? Song

New Video! Halloween Walk with Matt

Walk Like a Ghost:

My Favorite Pumpkin Original Halloween Song and Dance:

Watch my video on an intro to teaching Halloween:

Listen to a Podcast on a Fun Halloween Lesson Plan for Kids:

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Halloween listening exercises and worksheets: 123 Listening has 4 different levels of free downloadable listening exercises that will be great for your Halloween classes! All exercises have matching free downloadable worksheets.

For listening exercises and worksheets that match this vocabulary, please go to 123 Listening


Flashcards, and coloring: The images below are from the MES English free Halloween flash card sets. You can also find word searches, coloring sheets and more at MES English.


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