New My Name Is Song For Children to Practice English

Teaching young English learners (ESL, EFL) how to say “My name is…” can be a challenge. This video uses modeling and repetition to help your students:

I wrote in an earlier blog post about using modeling to help young English learners  how to say “My name is …” in English. Check out that post here. 

I hope this song helps your students on their way to basic conversation skills in English!

Visit the Free Downloads page to download many free songs for your classroom. Click here!

It’s A Dog Animal Song and Video

Enjoy this new animal song for your Young Learners English Class (ESL, EFL). Target vocabulary: dog, cat, bird, fish, cow, mouse. Full lyrics below video:


It’s a dog, It’s a dog, dog, dog, dog

It’s a cat, It’s a cat, cat, cat, cat

It’s a banana, Oh, hmm
It’s a dog, No!

It’s a bird, It’s a bird

It’s a fish, It’s a fish, fish, fish, fish

It’s a cow, It’s a cow
cow, cow, cow

It’s a banana
Oh, hmm,
It’s a fish, No!

It’s a mouse, It’s a mouse

It’s a dog

It’s a cat

It’s a bird

It’s a fish

It’s a cow

It’s a mouse

All right!

Check out the video on YouTube. Click here. Happy Singing!

Learn Some Words Episode 1: Animals New Original Learning English Show

New Show on YouTube: Learn Some Words! 😀
Perfect for the ESL/EFL Children’s English Classroom!

Learn Some Words Episode 1: Animals. This special new series from Dream English Kids teaches six words each episode with songs, repeat-after-me, and a quiz. Join Matt, Tunes, Bell and our friend the Pencil in this exciting learning adventure!

YouTube Link:

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