Halloween – 2 Simple and Fun Songs

This Halloween I am keeping things simple in my young learner classes. We are focusing on two songs. Below I will talk about the two songs, how to teach, and more.

Halloween Song #1: Halloween Counting Actions Song

I like using songs with a lot of actions with my young learners. This song uses actions and introduces three Halloween characters: a witch, a black cat, and a pumpkin (jack-o-lantern).

How to teach:

  1. First use flashcards to teach the vocabulary and numbers 1-5.
  2. Teach the actions slowly, you can watch the video first to learn the actions: swish, hop, roll
  3. Slowly sing the song without the music.
  4. Give it a try with the video! Or, you can just watch the video and have your students follow along.

Kids really enjoy this song and do not even realize they are learning when having fun!

Halloween Song # 2: Halloween What Do You See? Song

The What Do You See? Song series on the Dream English Kids YouTube channel is a great way for young learners to learn Halloween vocabulary in a not scary way. We cover 10 Halloween vocabulary words in this video.

How To Teach:

  1. If possible, pre-teach the vocabulary using flashcards or the YouTube thumbnail. The vocabulary words are: bat, black cat, jack-o-lantern, haunted house, owl, pumpkin patch, scarecrow, spider, trick-or-treaters, witch’s cauldron.
  2. Watch the video with your students and ask them to try to sing along. They will get it after a few tries.
  3. Quiz the students by pausing the video on one of the “Find It” parts of the video. Ask your students, “What do you see?” Or, use the the below image.

Keep it simple this Halloween!

I have decided to keep things simple this Halloween in my classes using these two songs. I am still singing other songs, ABC, Let’s Count 1 to 10, The Goodbye Song and more you can download here for free.

I have over 20 more Halloween songs. Have a look at the Dream English Halloween page for more ideas. Most importantly, have fun! Happy Halloween!