Vocabulary Practice Videos: Numbers 1-10

Songs are great for learning English. It is also important for young learners (ESL, EFL) to practice English vocabulary with good pronunciation. For that reason I started a new video series! More below the video!

Vocabulary Practice Videos for Children’s English Class

It is important to take some time in your English class for young learners to teach the basics of the English language. It is ok to drill and practice vocabulary in your classes. This should not take up all of your classes, but a few minutes each class is important.

I always practice numbers, ABCs, weather, and colors in each English class. I often add more vocabulary. By taking the time to ask the students to repeat after us they learn proper pronunciation. Pronunciation is very important for English conversation. If a student know vocabulary, but can not pronounce it correctly it could cause difficulty in conversation. For this reason, we need to practice single words with students through vocabulary practice.

I hope these videos will be helpful for your classes. Check out the vocabulary practice video on Fruit on the Dream English Kids YouTube channel!


Yes No Game Video

Learning how to answer a question with “yes” or “no” is an important skill for young English learners (ESL, EFL).  Children also love to answer questions and show their knowledge. (More below the video).

Target vocabulary: dog, cat, bird, fish

In this fun video I ask, “Is this a dog?” and students have to answer either “yes” or “no”. I go through all four animals. This helps build children’s answering skills and confidence!

Teaching idea:

After watching the video, use flashcards to ask the students, “Is this a dog?”  holding up different flashcards. Next, have the students get into pairs and ask each other questions. You can use animal flashcards, or any objects.

I hope this is helpful. Happy Teaching! – Matt

New Podcast: Teacher Talk with Tati – Classroom Activities, How Children Learn, and More!

Today I am talking with teacher and teacher trainer Tati! We talk about how children learn, immersive classroom activities, conversational book reading, and how Tati teaches her students in Brazil. We also talk about how Tati teaches her young learners indoors and outdoors. Very interesting conversation, thank you Tati!

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Tati’s Podcast: Passionate Teachers Podcast


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New Feelings Song Video: I’m Happy! Song for Children’s English Class

Feelings vocabulary is important in the young learners classroom (ESL, EFL). This simple feelings song teaches 8 emotions. More below the video:


Sometimes I’m happy, happy
sad, sad
sleepy, sleepy
angry, angry
Sometimes I’m hot, hot
cold, cold,
hungry, hungry,
thirsty, thirsty
But now I’m happy, happy…

Give the song a try and practice the question and answer:

Student 1: How are you feeling?

Student 2: I’m happy!

New Podcast: How to Teach New Songs and Engage Your Young Learners

In this episode I talk about my method for introducing new songs in your children’s English class. This is an excerpt from my Instagram live talk with @teachermiriam_ follow her on Instagram for great teacher tips!

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Thanks for listening and happy teaching! -Matt

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Happy New Year! 2021! Song and Video to Start your Classes

Happy 2021! Let’s start our classes out this year with the Dream English Happy New Year Chant. A great warm-up song to use after a long holiday break. Get a Free Song Download. See below for the video for link.

Happy New Year Free MP3 Chant DownloadClick here.

Check out our Free Downloads page for more songs downloads to get your year off to a great start. Happy teaching in 2021!

1 Number Song | Today’s Number Song with Matt and Friends

I’m excited to share the new Today’s Number Song video: Number 1. This is a new series. More below the video!

Today’s Number Song: Learning to Count Numbers and Objects

This fun new series introduces the concept of numbers and counting to young learners of English (ESL, EFL). A children’s English class is not complete without some counting. This video teaches the number 1 and counting one apple, one t-shirt, one dog, and one car.

Activity idea: After watching the video, ask your students to find one object in the room and bring it to the front of class. Each student can take turns saying the number 1 and the name of their object. For example, “1 pencil.”

I hope you find this video helpful for your kids English classes.

Happy singing and learning!

What’s New with Dream English – Week of September 21, 2020

More fun new songs and videos this week for your beginner English young learner classes (ESL and EFL). Let’s get started!

New Videos on Dream English Kids YouTube Channel:

New Songs and Albums on Spotify:

Click on the link to go to the song on Spotify. Also available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon:

  1. Halloween Shapes
  2. BINGO
  3. Halloween Let’s Go
  4. Santa Wears a Red Hat (Christmas Song)
  5. Christmas Shapes Song
  6. Finger Family Songs Album

That’s the wrap up for this week. Please follow Dream English Kids on YouTube and Spotify to get notified of new releases right away. Or, stay tuned for the next What’s New! Thank you for your support! – Matt

What’s New with Dream English – Week of September 14, 2020

I love this time of year! The weather starts to cool, coffee gets tastier, and I really get down to work. I’m starting a new weekly blog post of all of the new songs and videos I’m releasing. I hope some of these will be helpful for your classes and young learners! Here we go:

  1. Learn Some Words Episode 1: Animals.

    This special new series from Dream English Kids teaches six words each episode with songs, repeat-after-me, and a quiz. Join Matt, Tunes, Bell and our friend the Pencil in this exciting learning adventure!
    YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/eHSTJuUpVQs

  2. ASL Phonics Video:

    Over the years I’ve received many request to make some sign language videos. I do use a little sign language in many videos, but this is the first time I am using the alphabet. More to come in this series.
    YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/pI1ZjdZd62o

  3. New Songs on Spotify and Apple Music: As more people use Spotify I will only put links to the Spotify releases here. Please search on Apple Music for the titles. Halloween Songs Album (Six Songs), Halloween Shake Song,  I See A Car Vehicles Song, Dinosaur Chomp to Ten

That’s the wrap up for this week. Please follow Dream English Kids on YouTube and Spotify to get notified of new releases right away. Or, stay tuned for the next What’s New! Thank you for your support! – Matt