Live Concert With Matt At School or in Concert

Matt has done school concerts in Japan, Thailand, USA, France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco for over 1000 students. Get the best experience with a Matt Live Show!


In Person Concerts fee is airfare + hotel + concert fee depending on school size. For more information, and to see if Matt is available to come to your school please send an email with the subject “In Person Visit Inquiry” to
matt @ no spaces.

Virtual Classroom Visit with Matt


Matt has visited classrooms in Japan, Thailand, USA, France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco. Now he can visit your classroom virtually with Zoom!

Virtual Classroom Visits

Matt can Zoom in to your classroom for a 25 minute visit, sing-along and chat with your students. Choose your class favorite Dream English songs, or Matt can help you choose a program. Matt can ask and answer questions from students.


$100.00 USD for classroom visit up to 30 students. Matt can only do a visit if it works with his time zone. For more information please send an email with the subject “Class visit Inquiry” and your country and time zone to

matt @ no spaces

Online Zoom Teacher Workshop With Matt


Matt has done teacher workshops in Japan, Thailand, and Spain. Now Matt is doing live workshops online!

Topics for Workshop

Topics can include lesson planning, teaching English with songs, or Q & A about teaching with Matt (No personal questions please). Have another idea for a workshop? Email us and let us know! (email address below)


Minimum 10 participants at $10.00 USD each or $100.00 USD for session. For more information please send an email with the subject “Teacher Workshop Inquiry” to matt @ no spaces between like this:


Feel free to email with any questions about an online workshop!