New Book: My First 100 Words With Matt

New Book: My First 100 Words With Matt! 🎉

Available now on Amazon. Click here to learn more!

Learn 100 Vocabulary Words in ten fun and easy to understand chapters.

Free downloadable audio resources to go with the book. Details on the inside cover.
The book goes with the 100 Words in English Chant on the Dream English Kids YouTube channel.

Build student confidence with an attainable goal of learning 100 words!

Get your copy here!



New Halloween Songs and Videos

It is time for Halloween again, it sure comes up fast every year. This year I’m excited about Halloween because I have some brand new songs. I’ve been testing these songs out in my classes and the students are already enjoying the songs. 

New Album: Good Morning Halloween by Dream English Kids

Now available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon music. Link here or search Dream English Kids.

Song List:

1. Good Morning Halloween

2. Counting on Halloween

3. Halloween Candy

4. Jumping on Halloween

5. Tip-Toe Halloween

6. Good Afternoon Halloween

7-12. Sing-Alongs! 

Below I will talk about some of the songs from the album.

Let’s watch the Good Morning Halloween Song video: 

I hope you enjoyed that. This song is a great warm-up song for your morning classes. To teach this I would teach the actions and the lyrics first. Then get play the song. The students will follow along quickly because it is an action song.

Jumping on Halloween. Let’s watch the video: 

Jumping on Halloween is an action song with some stops in it which young learners always enjoy.

The last song on the album is Good Afternoon Halloween: 

This is the same song as the Good Morning Halloween song, but it is for your afternoon classes. I am using this song as well and it is a great way to start the Halloween classes

I will be making videos for all of the songs on Good Morning Halloween throughout the month on the Dream English Kids YouTube channel. There are also sing-along tracks. All of the songs have a sing-along track you can use those if you want to try to have your students sing without my voice. Also, you can use the sing-along track as background music if you are doing activities or Halloween games.

Please check it out Good Morning Halloween on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. 

I hope you find the songs useful for your classes!

What’s New with Dream English – Week of September 21, 2020

More fun new songs and videos this week for your beginner English young learner classes (ESL and EFL). Let’s get started!

New Videos on Dream English Kids YouTube Channel:

New Songs and Albums on Spotify:

Click on the link to go to the song on Spotify. Also available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon:

  1. Halloween Shapes
  2. BINGO
  3. Halloween Let’s Go
  4. Santa Wears a Red Hat (Christmas Song)
  5. Christmas Shapes Song
  6. Finger Family Songs Album

That’s the wrap up for this week. Please follow Dream English Kids on YouTube and Spotify to get notified of new releases right away. Or, stay tuned for the next What’s New! Thank you for your support! – Matt

Live Concert With Matt At School or in Concert

Due to Covid-19 Live Shows are currently not possible.
If you would like to be notified when we are opening up applications again, please scroll to the bottom of the page and send us an email. We will get in touch when it is again possible to have shows. Thank you.

Matt has done school concerts in Japan, Thailand, USA, France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco for over 1000 students. Get the best experience with a Matt Live Show!


In Person Concerts fee is airfare + hotel + concert fee depending on school size. For more information, and to see if Matt is available to come to your school please send an email with the subject “In Person Visit Inquiry” to
matt @ no spaces.

My First 100 Words in English Chant – Learn One Hundred Words

My new video is a chant video with one hundred words. I made this video because I feel that children can learn so much so quickly in English class (ESL, EFL) so why not give them one hundred words to learn. I have been showing the video in my classes with great success. I say one hundred words in four minutes. The topics covered are: Animals, Food, Vehicles, Numbers, Jobs, Colors, Family, Clothing, Body Parts, and Actions. See below the video for Teachers tips!

Teachers Tips

  1. Before the video starts, show the thumbnail to your students and see how many words they already know.
  2. Encourage the students to repeat after me while watching the video.
  3. After watching the video, ask your students what words that they can remember from the video.

As always, I encourage you to come up with your own ideas to make this song and video a useful learning tool for your classroom. Visit the Dream English Kids Youtube channel to watch this video and many more!


New Podcast: Basic Ideas in Teaching Toddlers English (2-3 Year Olds)

Today on the podcast we will listen to a conversation I had with Mark from MES English about our basic philosophy in teaching very young learners English. We talk about how to relax in class, what to expect from the students, and how watching Sesame Street can help you with class ideas. You can listen to the whole conversation at

Click here to listen on PodBean. Also available on iTunes!

Teaching Tips Podcast
Teaching Tips Podcast