My First 100 Words With Matt Book

I’m super excited to tell you about my new book: My First 100 Words With Matt. A book designed for young learners of English as a second or foreign language (ESL, EFL).

We worked really hard on this book to present the vocabulary in a fun and memorable way. Each chapter has ten vocabulary words. I chose the vocabulary based upon the most important words for young English learners. The vocabulary in the book follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Why 100 Words?

I chose one hundred words as it is a concrete and doable goal for children. The words in this book are chosen because children will find them common in their lives. Learn Animals, Food, Vehicles, Numbers, Jobs, Colors, Family, Clothing, Body Parts, and Actions vocabulary.

It is said that with a few hundred words we can get by in a language. To be conversational, research shows that between 800-1000 words are necessary. With a basis of 100 words your young learners will be on their way to speaking English!

Look Inside! Let’s have a look at a few chapters from the book:

Free Audio and Visual Materials

I have created audio lessons to go with each chapter. You can check those out here. I am also working on videos for each chapter with chapters 1-3 already available. Students can watch the videos and follow along with each chapter. Check out Chapter 1 below. For more videos go to the Dream English Kids YouTube channel.

Students can also watch the My first 100 Words chant video with all of the vocabulary.

If you are a parent wanting your child to learn English, or a teacher of English this book is for you!

Search for the book on Amazon in your local country store.

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Thanks for your support! – Matt

Animals Picture Dictionary with Audio

Click on the player below the picture to hear Matt say the word! American accent pronunciation. Word below the Picture Dictionary Animals songs video!


Great work! Now watch and sing the Picture Dictionary Animals Song with Matt and Bell!

I hope you enjoyed this audio lesson with Matt from Dream English! Download and listen to free animals songs. Click here!

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