Vocabulary Practice Videos: Numbers 1-10

Songs are great for learning English. It is also important for young learners (ESL, EFL) to practice English vocabulary with good pronunciation. For that reason I started a new video series! More below the video!

Vocabulary Practice Videos for Children’s English Class

It is important to take some time in your English class for young learners to teach the basics of the English language. It is ok to drill and practice vocabulary in your classes. This should not take up all of your classes, but a few minutes each class is important.

I always practice numbers, ABCs, weather, and colors in each English class. I often add more vocabulary. By taking the time to ask the students to repeat after us they learn proper pronunciation. Pronunciation is very important for English conversation. If a student know vocabulary, but can not pronounce it correctly it could cause difficulty in conversation. For this reason, we need to practice single words with students through vocabulary practice.

I hope these videos will be helpful for your classes. Check out the vocabulary practice video on Fruit on the Dream English Kids YouTube channel!