How To Teach English to Children Book

I’m happy to introduce you to my book on teaching English to young learners (ESL, EFL). Learn more below!

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10 Steps To Teach English To Young Learners

The goal of 10 Steps to Teach English to Young Learners is to get you ready to teach young children English quickly. This book focuses on teaching learners from ages 3-6 and the ideas can be used for older students as well.

The ideas are perfect for teaching English as a second or foreign language. The book covers lesson planning, classroom materials, using games and activities in the classroom, songs in the classroom, choosing topics to teach, and more. In 10 steps you will be ready to begin your teaching adventure. The book is filled with tips useful for the beginner and experienced teacher.

Book available for Kindle and Paperback.
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New Podcast: Halloween Lesson Plan for Young Learners – Teach Kids English

In today’s podcast I talk about a fun and simple Halloween lesson plan for young learners. Using songs, books, and games, let’s have a fun Halloween lesson! Here is the lesson plan: 1. Warm Up 2. Halloween Counting (Count Halloween characters 3. Halloween Numbers Song 4. Halloween Game 5. Halloween Worksheet 6. Book Time – My Favorite Pumpkin Book 7. Song Time- My Favorite Pumpkin, Walk Like a Ghost 8. Trick-or-Treating 9. Goodbye Song Download all of these free songs, books and worksheets and Thanks for listening! Also available on the iTunes Podcast app!