Teaching Colors with the What Color Is It? Song Free MP3 Download

Hi, Friends! I hope wherever you are in the world you are feeling positive today! Today I added the “What Color Is It?” Song as a free download on Dream English.com. This is a song that I use almost every day in my classes. I use it as an action song to get the students up and moving around the room. Young learners love to be active, and this song is a big help. If you are not familiar with the song, have a look at the video:

To go to the page with the free MP3 download of the “What Color is it?” song click here.

Why I love this song

Learning colors is an important basic part of any English course for young learners. This song teaches eleven main colors. It also teaches the question, “What color is it?” and how to answer, “It’s red.”

Students can sing the song and watch the video, or get active! I play the song in the classes, actually I play it and sing on guitar, but you can use the mp3 download. Ask your students to go around the room and touch or pick up objects with the colors they sing in the song. The second half of the song repeats the colors and gets faster. This is really fun for students!

Super Teaching Tip!

Have your students sing along, and when they get to the color and touch it have them say, “here!” when they touch the color. As a teacher, be encouraging. Say, “Great job, Sally! Nice work, Billy!” Give it a try! Happy singing and color finding! -Matt