Fun with Describing Wild Animals In the English Language Classroom

When I teach young learners English (ESL, EFL) I am always aiming to take them to the next level. For teachers familiar with the Dream English “What Do You See? Songs ” I am happy to share the fun new video that uses adjectives to describe the animals.

What Do You See? I See a Big Elephant

In the first Wild Animals Song we sing, “I see an elephant. ” In the new song we will learn, “I see a big elephant.” A simple next step that should have your students describing animals in no time! Check out the video:

Super Tip: Sing the song the whole way through with your students. The second time through increases fluency as it is faster in speed than the first time.

Now, let’s try the fun Tower Game again, and this time let’s use the phrases from this new song like, “I see a small mouse.” Happy teaching!

Author: Matt

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