Fun Game: Picture Scavenger Hunt

There are so many fun and creative ways to teach young English learners (ESL, EFL) vocabulary. In this blog series we will be exploring vocabulary games you can use to go along with the My First 100 Words With Matt picture dictionary book. Here we go!

My First 100 Words With Matt

Game: Picture Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for an exciting adventure with our first game: Picture Scavenger Hunt! The goal is simple – preschoolers will actively search for hidden flash cards based on a specific theme. Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose a theme (like animals or food from the book).
  2. Teach the vocabulary using the My First 100 Words Book With Matt.
  3. Prepare small game cards by either drawing a picture of the item on the card, or using flashcards.
  4. Hide picture cards around the play area.
  5. Explain the rules and let the children search for the hidden cards.
  6. When a student finds a card they should bring it back to the teacher and say what is on the card. 
  7. The game finishes when each student gets one card and says the vocabulary to the teacher.
  8. You can play several times as long as it is fun for the students and they are learning.

For higher level students you can ask them to say the vocabulary in a sentence. For example, “ I see a dog.” 

Picture Scavenger Hunt turns learning into a thrilling adventure where children explore, discover, and expand their vocabulary. Let the hunt begin!

I hope this game is fun and helpful for your classes. Check out the My First 100 Words With Matt Book available now on Amazon!

Author: Matt

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