A Tip To Start Your New English Class!

I’ve been getting many emails asking my advice about how to start new classes with young learners of English. My advice: Keep it simple!

I like to start my classes by introducing myself, then learning the names of my students and saying hello to each student.  For example, “Hello, Sally. Hello, Bobby.” This helps the students feel comfortable.

Next, I do some simple action warm-ups like clap your hands, wash your hands, jump, spin etc. Then we practice counting from 1 to 10 with our fingers and flashcards. Counting is a great place to start because many young learners have already heard the numbers in English.

Finally we sing “Let’s count 1 to 10“ A great song to start a young learners English class. I also make sure to smile a lot, and I do not push the young students to speak at first. They will begin to speak naturally when they are ready. Slowly but surely!

I hope this is helpful happy teaching. Thank you, Matt

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Let’s Count 1 to 10 Free Song Download: http://www.dreamenglish.com/numbers

Author: Matt

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