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Rock Star Kids: Where?

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In my lessons after the warm ups and basic questions I always ask my students to stand up. Then I ask them questions like, “Where is the
door?” They have to say, “there” then go and touch it. I then ask them to repeat the vocabulary, in this case “door.” They love this, it gets them moving, and moving kids are happy kids! If you have these items in your room, then use
them to introduce the vocabulary and the question, “where is the....” Or, you can use flash cards.

Game idea: After the students have become used to this vocabulary, have them take turns asking the other students, “where is the door” or other items in your classroom!

Song by Matt R. Copyright 2010

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Where? Lyrics

Where? (x8)
Where is the desk?
Where is the door?
Where is the chair?
Where is the window?

Where? (x8)

Where is the clock?
Where is the CD player?
Where is the board?
Where is your nose?

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