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Rock Star Kids: What Do You Want?

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If it is your first time introducing this vocabulary you can start by placing a few items on a table. Maybe a banana, pencil, etc. flash cards or props. Take turns asking the students, "What do you want?" and they have to choose. At first they just pick what they want, and then later on when they understand the meaning, you can teach the phrase, " I want a cookie".

Printables: MES English has some great free food flash cards that match with this song.

Game Idea: You can do a simple shopping game with this song. You do not have to use money. Just decide which students will be shop keepers, and which will be shoppers. Put some items on a table, and the shop keepers ask the shoppers, "What do you want?" and the shopper answers, "I want a cookie, please." You can also use, "here you are" and "thank you" in this game.

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Song By Matt R. Copyright 2010

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What Do You Want Lyrics?

What do you want? (x8)

I want a salad
I want a hot dog
I want a taco
Say please!

What do you want? (x8)

I want a sandwich
I want a cookie
I want a Pizza
Say please!

What do you want? (x8)

I want a banana
I want a hamburger
I want an ice cream, with carrots!
Ooooh! Yucky!

What do you want? (x8)

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