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Rock Star Kids: How Are You?

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I teach How Are You? by first reviewing the vocabulary with the students. Sometimes I will pick a card and pass it around the room. Each student has to ask "How are you?' as they pass the card. The student who receives the card answers what the flash card says, for example " I'm happy".

You can do this song as a call and response, or have the students get a partner and sing/chant the song facing each other.

Printables: Ready to print feelings Flash Cards

Game Idea: Have the students take turns acting out the feelings, and the other students have to guess how they are feeling. After the students have guessed correctly, have them ask the student, "How are you?" and they have to answer.

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Song Copyright DreamEnglish.com Written and Performed by Matt R.

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How Are You? Lyrics

How are you? (x8)
I'm happy (x4)

How are you? (x8)
I'm sad (x4)

How are you? (x8)
I'm hungry (x4)

How are you? (x8)
I'm thirsty (x4)

How are you feeling today......

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