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Rock Star Kids: Do You Like?

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How to teach: Introduce the target language by using either flash cards, pictures or found objects. You can either introduce the target question in the students native language, or act out the question and answer a few times until the students understand. I think it is always best to try to have the students figure it
After the target language has been introduced, play the chant and have the students chant along. You can do this either sitting or standing. If you sit, you can place the flash cards or pictures on the table and point to them as you play the chant. The students should always repeat after the voice in the chant. It is great practice!

Game: Ask the students to walk around the room and play the chant. When you pause the chant, the students have to find a partner and ask the question, “ do you like...?” After each student asks and answers the question they play Rock, Scissors, Paper!

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Song By Matt R. Copyright DreamEnglish.com

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Lyrics: Do You Like....?

Do you like (x8)
Do you like cats?
Yes, I do
Do you like dogs?
No, I don’t

Do you like (x8)
Do you like games?
Yes, I do
Do you like cartoons?
No, I don’t

Do you like (x8)
Do you like baseball?
Yes, I do
Do you like basketball?
No, I don’t

Do you like (x8)
Do you like juice?
Yes, I do
Do you like milk?
No, I don’t!
All right

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