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"Matt's songs are awesome! They are a big hit with the kids from the get go." Craig M., Japan

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New Song: Jobs Song  Do You Have A Pet? Song New in 2018!
Animal Alphabet Song A to Z Animals! What Color Is It? Click here! Rooms of the House Click here! New!! A to Z Actions!


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Action and Verbs Songs
Animal Songs
Body Parts Songs
Classroom Songs Hello, Goodbye Songs and more!
Colors and Shapes Songs
Numbers and Counting Songs 1,2,3s
Daily Routines
Nursery Rhymes-Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonald and more!
Clothing Songs
Days of the Week and Month Songs
Transportation Song-bicycles, cars, boats...
Family Songs
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New Songs:What Shape? Click here! Wheels On The Bus Click here! B I N GO Click here!

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Some New Free Songs:
Thank You Song and Count 1 to 5 Song!

1. New Shapes song and video-Try this fun new song! 2. What Can You Do? 3. Open Shut Them- Fun simple action song 4. Directions Song- Left, Right, Forward, Back!5.The Days Of The Week Song 6. Original Happy Birthday Song! 7. I am Hungry Food and Drink Song
8. The Classroom Vocabulary Song 9. The Summer Song! 10. The New Hello Song!
11.Easy Goodbye Song! 12. What Time Is It Song with Flash Cards!

Lesson Plans and Games: Not sure how to plan your class? All of the song pages have lesson plans and ideas, and I am starting to write down some full length lesson plan ideas and put them online. Check those out here. Need a game? Check out my top 10 Kids Games here!

More New songs I have five more free song downloads to get your school year off to a great start. Thank you for your continued support of DreamEnglish.com! - Matt
1. The Good Morning Song

2. Games and Toys Song
3. What Can You Recyle? Song

4. How Many Rainbows- Counting and Color Song
Five Senses Song: Big World

Getting Started with Dream English: Get the songs, flashcards, activities, and lesson ideas to start a basic children's English course for free from Dream English, click here!

Holiday Songs and Materials:

1. Jingle Bells Song
2. Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas
3. New Merry Christmas song with actions
4. Christmas Vocabulary Chants
5. Happy Easter Song!

New iPhone and iPad Apps!

Check out the Kids Songs in English Apps. This App contains 5 favorite Dream English videos with the mini Matt Character. Special introductory price of USD $0.99.
Click here for more about the iPhone App.
Click here for more about the iPad App.

New- The Dream English Videos have now been organized by category on the Dream English TV Page. Check it out!

Check out the Dream English Kids YouTube Channels, and watch over 30 song, and vocabulary builder videos for kids. The Dream English videos have been viewed over 5 Million times by children all around the world! Thank you for your support!

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This video is from the Rock Star Kids Songs and Chants. Now all free to download! Check them out here! These are great for elementary age students.

The Rock Star Kids Songs and Chants teach basic phrases like, " How are you?", "What's your favorite color?", "Do you like pizza?" and more! Downlad them today and make a CD for your classes, and students! Rock Star Kids!

Song Videos: Click on The Title to Watch The Video!
I have a list of all the videos on Dream English TV, but check them out here. Where available, the videos also have the free mp3 download below the video on the page:

ABC's: > The ABC Song (Traditional Version) > The ABC Rock Song
> Let's Count 1 to 10 > Let's Count to 100
Colors: > The Color Song > How Many Rainbows
Weather: >The Weather Song: The Song Comes Up
Animals: > Old MacDonald Had a Farm > I'm a Monkey
Actions: > What Can You Do? Action Song
Days of The Week: > Days of The Week Song

Body Parts > Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Phonics Songs: > Phonics Song :1 A to L > Phonics Song 2: M to Z
> The Letter A Song > The Letter B Song > The Letter C Song
Class Warm Up Songs: > Happy/Sad Warm Up > Go/Stop Warm Up>Up/Down Warm Up

Expressions: > The Goodbye Song > Yes, No, Please, Thank You Song
> What's Your Name? My name is Song
Fruit: > I Like Apples > Happy Banana
Traditional Kids Songs Videos: > Old Macdonald Had a Farm
> ABC Song >Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star > Hush Little Baby
> Eency Weency Spider > Wheels on The Bus
Holiday Songs:
> Christmas: Jingle Bells > Christmas: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Halloween: My Favorite Pumpkin

Rock Star Kids:
> What's Your Favorite? I like... > How Are You? I'm Happy
Go To Dream English TV for more videos!

New to teaching kids English? Check out the Teach Kids English Show! for tips on teaching young learners, hosted by me!

"This website is really great! I teach english to small children and they love your songs!" Gosia, Poland

Touch and Say Phonics A-Z! 26 Free Songs, Audio Lessons, Flashcards and Worksheets!

6 New Songs: Seasons, ABC Rock Song, Directions, and more. These are not free downloads, but you can listen to the whole song on the site, and buy an mp3 to support Dream English! Click here.

New Just for Fun Songs- Collect them all!

Brand new and exciting version of the body parts classic Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Check out the Song, Let's Practice English, and Teaching Tips Videos at Dream English TV!

Also new is the Hello Song, get your classes started with this fun easy song!

Or try the new 2 Word Easy Song Warm Ups like Happy/Sad and Go/Stop!

New! Check out Rock Star Kids! The newest Rock-Chants from Dream English. Download the new "How Are You?" chant for free, and get your elementary age students speaking now!

New ABC Rock Song Video! This song is available in the Special Download Pack, learn more here.

Online English Course For Kids! I have just started a new section on the Dream English website. It is an online Beginners English Course for Children. The course is designed to introduce basic vocabulary and phrases. The video above is part of the "Warm Up" section. There are online videos, and offline practice suggestions. Check it out, and let me know what you think. More to come soon!

Touch and Say Phonics! 26 Free Phonics Songs, 26 Free Audio Lessons, 26 Worksheets and 26 Flashcards! Teach your young students that letters represent sounds. Phonics are the building blocks of reading in English. Each letter of the Alphabet has a fun song, mp3 audio lesson, matching worksheet and flash cards. Listen to the audio lesson, and have your students find the matching letter or picture on the page. Learn more, and get started with Touch and Say Phonics!


Need a book for your next class? Check out the newest site brought to you by Dream English: KidsEnglishBooks.com

Eigo Notebook: Also known as the Eigo Note, for those of you teaching in Japanese Elementary schools, I have started a list of the Dream English free materials that can be used to supplement the new Eigo Note Curriculum. Check it out here.

this year be sure to let all your students and their parents know about DreamEnglish.com so they can listen to the songs and practice at home!

Also New-Flashcards! We have the following free flashcard sets ready to download and print all for free:
Numbers 1-10, ABC's, Colors, Weather, Feelings Animals,and Fruit, Days of the Week. So now you have the songs, and materials to begin teaching English to kids, all for free from Dream English!
I also added some free worksheets practicing the ABC's!, and a color chart, worksheets for the color song.

If you are new to teaching with kids songs please check out the Dream English Teaching with Songs Free Ebook, click here.
Check out our online store for high quality Mp3 Downloads of Dream English Songs. The purchased songs do not have the web ads as heard on the free songs.

New Website with free Traditional Song MP3s: London Bridge, Twinkle, Twinkle and more, click here.



For free downloadable listening exercises and worksheets for kids, please check out my new site in collaboration with MES English, 123 Listening.


User agreement: All songs are copyright Dream English 2007-2018. You are free to download and use the songs for personal or educational use and copy and share them with your students and friends up to 40 Copies. The songs may not be used in YouTube Videos or Apps. The songs may not be repackaged, or sold in any form without written permission from Dream English. If you want to link to a song, please link to the web page where the download is hosted on dreamenglish.com. The songs can not be reposted on other websites this is a violation of International copyright law. You may make copies of the free download songs and give them to your friends or students, but you can not sell them, up to 40 copies. If you are making over 40 copies of the free download song to give away please contact me for licensing details. If you are interested in using a song for a tv program or radio program or other commerical project, please send me an email. Thank you.

Free Songs:

Click on a song title to be directed to the page with the free mp3.

What's Your Name?
Let's Count 1-10
Its a Dog
ABC Traditional
ABC Phonics

I Can Walk
How's The Weather?

Wake Up
How Are You? I'm Happy!
Put on your shoes
Let's Count to 20
Color Song: I Can See Blue
Family Song
Hokey Pokey
Jingle Bells

More Free Songs:

Hello Song
How old are you?

Counting Song: One Fish
Fruit Song: I Like Apples
Shapes: I See a Circle
Body Parts: Head, Shoulders..
5 Senses Song: Big World
Happy Easter

Wheels On The Bus
Warm Ups: Opposites
Happy New Year Chant!
Mother's Day

Dream English Fun vocabulary practice Chants:

ABC Phonics
Clothing (2 Chants)
Days of the week
Happy New Year!
Places: The Zoo, The Park
For more free chants click here.

Traditional Songs from my other site freeabcsongs.com

Eency Weency Spider
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Row your boat
London Bridge
Head, Shoulders, Knees..
If You are Happy clap!
more traditional songs

Rock Star Kids Free Songs:

How are you? Part 1
How are you? Part 2
Basic Questions
What's Your Favorite?
Do you like?
What's this?
What do you want?
What are you doing?

Free Kids Books from

I Like Apples
I Like Shoes
Let's Count
How Are You?

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